The originals of Jeroen Bechtold's Yixing works started their lives as virtual teapots, only meant to live as pictures or as a 3D-image in cyberspace.

Thanks to the help of Chinese Master-potter Gu Wei Fen these pots became reality. She saw the potential and the joy of the virtual pots. So, Guh and Jeroen together, made them.

Jeroen Bechtold was asked to design some more pots for Yixing. This particular pot was (the year that followed) adapted a bit to the Yixing style.


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This teapot is immaculate, designed by a master, handmade by a master on a rare occasion: the 1996 symposium for Western Potters.

It is totally unique.

Jeroen Bechtold  Yixing Series  1996


(original teapot)

the original pot that was made with the 
artist present, as can be seen on Jeroen's


The pot has the common 
stamps, as well as the scratched signatures
of both artist and maker

Handmade by
Wei-Fen Ku (Guh Wei Fen)




18 x 8,5 x 11 cm

price: € 29.300.-   


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signatures of Jeroen Bechtold and Guh Wei Fen and stamps of Purple Sands Factory



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more background info on this pot

This is the original that was rendered on the SGI Indigo computer in 1995.

At that time it took the very big computer a whole night to render one picture like this (!)

@high res and 1000x700 pixels

You can see that there is a space between
the parts that make this pot. "My way of
playing with the advantages of designing in cyberspace. Do know that this was done in
1995/6. Cyberspace was an unknown
environment and I was exploring"

Of course the actual pot has 3 closed
connections, closed so that tea cannot
come into the handle-part and therefore
cannot be cleaned...

yixing double



double teapot

the pot before firing in 1996

double yixing

working on the actual pot in 1996


The green-background picture was printed in an article in Purple Sands Magazine in 1996

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