This is the 2nd series of the 'double-teapot', the series was made 2 years after the symposium happened. There is a definitive difference with the original, as made in 1996. More elegant. At the bottom of this page you can see the stages the design went through.

This pot is made in a small series. Of course (this is made in China) I have no idea how many were made, but apparently the production has been quite limited.

Three teapots came to Holland and 2 of them are for sale, as I want to keep one of them for myself

Thanks to the help of Chinese Masterpotter
Gu Wei Fen, these pots became reality.
She made them.



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These teapots are immaculate, designed by a master, handmade by a master, 
they are very rare...

Jeroen Bechtold  Yixing Series  1996-7


The really limited series. As far as I know, only something like 10 pots have been made in total. The ones that remained in China have found their proud owners.
I have 3 in total, 2 of them can be sold.

Signed by stamps, incl. designstamp

Handmade by
Wei-Fen Ku (Guh Wei Fen)   


yixing double

yixing double

16 x 8 x 11 cm



price  € 8.600.-


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signature "design Jeroen Bechtold" + makers mark

yixing double

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more background info on this pot

This is the original that was rendered on the SGI Indigo computer in 1995.

At that time it took the very big computer a whole night to render one picture like this (!)

You can see that there is a space between
the parts that make this pot. "My way of
playing with the advantages of designing in cyberspace. Do know that this was done in
1995/6. Cyberspace was an unknown
environment and I was exploring"

Of course the actual pot has 3 closed
connections, closed so that tea cannot
come into the handle-part and therefore
cannot be cleaned...

yixing double

The green-background picture was printed in
an article in Purple Sands Magazine in 1996

These pictures were made later, after the Symposium when Jeroen was asked to 'do some designs' for Yixing.

You can see, the design was adapted to the pot Guh Wei Fen made in 1996.
...a bit more Yixing-style...

These renderings were faxed to the factory where Guh Wei Fen worked on executing a limited number.

yixing double

yixing double

Only 3 pots came to the West...






guh wei fen

Guh Wei Fen, making the pots for
Jeroen Bechtold in 1997. (photo Ah Leon)


...before firing... (photo Ah Leon)

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