This teapot was made during the symposium by Hua Hsien Chiang. She saw the solid clay sketch Jeroen had done in the first few days and made clear that she really wanted to make this pot.

This is maybe the most influenced by the 3 weeks traveling through China before the symposium: the dragon-gates in Chinese gardens, the roof-decorations, etc.

Apart from all that, this pot is very ergonomic: the handle holds well and it is very easy not to toch the hot teapot body when handling it.

"More than anything else, this is a fun teapot. Maybe not my best design, but FUN. And he way it is made is beyond any criticism"



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It is a unique piece. Signatures in the bottom show the 2 people responsible for this dragon-pot

Immaculate, designed by a master, handmade by a master, and unique.

Jeroen Bechtold  Yixing Series  1996


Handmade by Hua-Hsien Chiang

As far as I know: unique piece.

Signed by stamps and signatures      


yixing dragon

yixing dragon

15 x 9 x 10 cm

price € 9.950.-  

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yixing dragon


yixing dragon


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some more background info on this pot

Here some pictures from the video that is viewable on YouTube.


Hua Hsien Chiang making the DRAGON teapot.

Seeing her hands move and handling the fragile (because unfired) clay was amazing.

The skills these Masters have are 'quite something'.



The DRAGON teapot was inspired by the traveling in China, prior to the symposium.

China has this mythology that is embedded in the culture, architecture and life.

Being a 'sponge', I soaked up the atmosphere and distilled it in this one teapot.

That is why it is so unique.




all the pictures were taken from the video
"yixing symposium 1996 - Western Potters in China" as it is posted on Youtube


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