During the symposium Jeroen Bechtold was asked to design some more pots for Yixing.

An extraordinary thing (as to the Chinese, China is the centre of the world), to allow a foreigner to have this enormous honour. In the 2 years that followed, Jeroen designed 3 more teapots, of which this is one.

below you can see some background on this pot


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This pot too, started its life in a computer, as early as 1997.
At that time, the drawings and renderings were sent by fax to China.
As 'payment' for his work, Jeroen received a very limited amount of the actual pots that were shipped to the Netherlands...

They are immaculate, designed by a master, handmade by a master, 
they are very rare and thus expensive...


Jeroen Bechtold  Yixing Series  1997




Signed by stamps, incl. design-stamp

Handmade by
Web-Fen Ku (Guh Wei Fen)


The really limited series. As far as I know, only something like 10 pots have been made in total. The ones that remained in China have found their proud owners.
I have 3 in total, 2 of them can be sold.


push yixing



16 x 6,5 x 10 cm


price: € 7.850,-



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signature "design Jeroen Bechtold" + makers mark


push yixing


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some more background on this teapot

3D renderings of the PUSH teapot.

This is how the images were faxed to Yixing in 1997: front-, back- and side-views, top and bottom-view.

yixing digital teapot

yixing digital teapot

The handle pushes into the back of the pot, giving the teapot a dynamic feel.

you can see below the actual teapot, as made by Guh Wei Fen in 1997, the one in the far-right-bottom clearly showing the support that has to be made for each individual piece, to avoid deformation during drying and in the kiln.

Yixing clay, similar to porcelain shrinks a lot and deforms in the high fire. This makes these pots even more incredible.

yixing digital teapot



yixing teapot jeroen bechtold

yixing teapot jeroen bechtold

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