This pot, like most of the other ones Jeroen Bechtold did for Yixing, started as a playful design in a computer. This was the early days of CAD/CAM, CAM was completely unaffordable. Jeroen made the teapot virtually and had it photographed from the screen (a colour printer was bloody expensive in those days too) and send to the Chinese magazine 'Purple Sands'

It was Yixing Master Guh Wei Fen who saw the potential and together with Jeroen, she made the small teapot into reality.

She made 4 in total: one version of this teapot is in the Kamm Teapot Foundation (USA), the one that is for sale is the original one, as can bee seen being made on Jeroen's Yixing video


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This pot appeared in and also on the backcover of Garth Clark's The Artful Teapot 2006


These pots are immaculate, designed by a master, handmade by another master 
With these signatures, this is a totally unique Yixing teapot...

Jeroen Bechtold  Yixing Series  1996





The pot has the common 
stamps, as well as the scratched signatures
of both artist and maker


Handmade by
Wei-Fen Ku (Guh Wei Fen)


unique piece with these signatures


yixing twist


yixing twist


15,5 x 8 x 10,5 cm



price: € 36.600.-   


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yixing twist signatures


yixing twist



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more background info on this pot

This is the original that was rendered on the SGI Indigo computer in 1995.

At that time it took the very big computer a whole night to render one picture like this (!)



The picture was printed in Purple Sands Magazine in 1996



original teapot design

the original design (Netherlands, 1995/6)


work in progress (China 1996)

These pictures were made later, after the Symposium when Jeroen was asked to 'do some designs' for Yixing.

You can see, the design was adapted to the pot Guh Wei Fen made in 1996.
More Yixing-style...

These renderings were faxed to the factory where Guh Wei Fen worked on executing a limited number.

Only 4 pots came to the West...

teapot design

reviewed design (NL 1997)

teapot design

reviewed design (NL 1997)






publication in Revue Ceramique et Verre, France, No 100, about 1998



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