yixing teapot

Yixing teapots are not glazed

yixing teapot

yixing teapot

This is greatly appreciated by tea-lovers, as taste and flavour of a tea is absorbed by the slightly porous clay.

If used more often (with one kind of tea for one pot), the taste and flavour of that tea increases over the years.

This magnificent clay is regarded highly by tea-guru's, both in the East as well as in the West.

yixing teapot

When the clay is dug from the ground it resembles rock more than anything else. It even is impossible to press your nail into it.

It is hard to imagine how ancient potters saw in these rocks this magnificent clay.

Wetting, drying, grinding, wetting again and grinding in pug-mills.
In the end the result is stoneware clay with a porcelain-like shrinking percentage (20-30%)












the pic here is taken from the movie

Yixing symposium 1996 - Western Potters in China

It shows Ah Leon with 'Boss Chao' on the rock-like clay, explaining the process of making this into a workable material.

(watch on Youtube)

yixing teapot

Teapots shouldn't leak.
Therefore (also for the swell looks) each and every pot is polished until you can't believe it.

Especially the pots that originate from "Purple Sands Factory No.5" (what's in a name?), have this excellent quality.

I personally witnessed hours and hours of polishing, fitting, measuring and polishing and fitting and measuring and polishing.
A work that would drive me mad.
But the result, you can only love it...

yixing teapot

One of the most amazing examples of the incredible craftsmanship of the Yixing Masters is the teapot on the right. Pot and lid are sculpted, the lid fits in the pot no matter how you put it there. And the fit is tight. In clay this is really hard. In this clay it is un-be-liev-able!

Like porcelain, this clay is dense, it shrinks 20%, deformes just similar to porcelain...
How do they do it?

yixing teapot

yixing teapot

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